Working at Heeko
Mindful Designers. Innovation Propellers. 
Mindful Designers. Innovation Propellers. 
Mindful Designers. Innovation Propellers. 
Who are we?
Creative wizards who conjure magic
Just kidding. We don’t know any magic. But we have a few neat tricks up our sleeve in designing and building digital products
We are a team of different and driven individuals who work together to experiment, create, and solve challenges. Our designers and developers put together their experience, wisdom, and creativity to build great products.

Everyone at Heeko is empowered to make creative decisions, question existing practices, and build upon the work of others. We know that learning, and collaborating with each other is the only way to succeed.
Benefits other than
Joining an awesome team.
Best-in-industry compensation
Talent, creativity, and performance is rewarded with highly-competitive compensation
Top-notch tech support
Access to the best devices, learning materials, training by mentors, and conferences.
Freedom to experiment
Everyone at Heeko has the freedom to experiment and innovate, regardless of their role.
Flexibility and benefits
Flexible hours, inclusive culture, regular team outings, and annual company retreats.

Interested in working with us?

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